If it's an item we stated we HAVE in inventory and is not handmade, to order, 1-2 business days. IF for any reason it will be longer (vacation, medical emergency, etc.) we will LET YOU KNOW IMMEDIATELY or as soon as we possibly can. We will also completely refund if for some reason, any delay caused by our end makes untimely delivery on Your end, unacceptable.
Yes, we'll ship to the UK, Europe, Africa, South America and Australia, however since shipping costs vary so dramatically, and time frames for various shippers, we prefer to arrange that by conversing with You, confirming location, weight of packaged item we're shipping& Accurate quote on Actual Shipping Cost, as well as You being responsible for any/all Import Duties/VAT Taxes.
USPS, UPS, Fedex, R&L Transportation for exceptionally heavy items (trucking company), & Greyhound Express for Larger Items needed Quickly (Only requirement being that You need to agree to pick up the item at YOUR Local Greyhound Terminal; they put the 'last mile' On You, just an FYI.
Yes, unless You want to pay for for expedited shipping.
Yes, please see our 'terms and definitions' page for clarification. Our refunds are for items damaged in transit, and we Must Be Notified of the damaged shipment within 3 Days of Delivery and Must Be Provided Documentation of Return Shipment within 7 days.
this gets complicated for us, stays Simple for You. We refund 100% of Your purchase and shipping charges if Your item[s] aren't received in a 'reasonable period of time'. As defined by the USPS, that's 15 days after the original scheduled delivery date. IF for some reason their tracking feature has no update on Your package for 15 days or more, after the scheduled date of delivery, We'll be refunding You completely.
We've sold on eBay since 1998; under the current user name since January, 2004. Snoopysdad4real is our user/shop name there. Not one negative/neutral FB there in over 10 years.(no one can please everybody ALL the time, however we DO TRY HARDER than MOST to do Just That) We've sold on Etsy since 2014, shop name being exactly the same as here. We're just getting started at Zibbet & Vangoe. We've also sold at other local/regional sites & CL since their inception, just no 'ratings'/reviews/FB are available there.
Because in 2003, on day 89 (after a LARGE transx), a customer did a chargeback through his merchant bank w/his new credit card on a $13,500.oo+ purchase of a fully restored 1959 MGA that we'd Delivered to him. Once his bank was contacted, we were refunded immediately for his delivery surcharge (a +$500. fee for 250+ mile trailered delivery) & payPAL was refunded at the same time, however they refused to release our funds, for over eleven months, because the purchaser refused to complete a 'dispute resolution form'. AKA they STALLED US in the hope that we'd go bankrupt rather than pursue them for our 'held' (read=STOLEN) money. 5 minutes before we were filing a Federal Complaint, their attorney, walked up to Our attorney and handed him a check for $18k&signiricant change. Much has been made of the "Zapeda Settlement", however we were long before them. We also had our Identities STOLEN by pP employees in 2001, before there was a TERM FOR IT! Needless to say, if required to do business THROUGH them, we'll close our doors and walk away. Please don't ASK; as we assisted with funds donated to www.paypalwarning.com and www.paypalsucks.com so again, get out Your credit card as we have stripe (& 3 OTHER Bona Fide Bank Merchant Credit Card Processors, and AmazonPay). Sorry (truly) for the rant, just know if You're a 'lover' of their services, You should review the info at above websites to protect Your assets AND Do Us A Favor, Please don't EVER waste the keystrokes to ask Us if we'll SIGN up for a payPAL acct. just for You? Most Respectfully, -Michael & Marge
Mastercard Visa Discover AmEx Personal Check (shipment held UNTIL YOUR Bank confirms to OUR Bank that it's been Funded) CASH (NOT MONEY ORDERS other than USPS, & We'll be GOING to the Post office TOGETHER to cash same before possession is exchanged) for LOCAL PICKUP Items. Again, we do not accept payPAL.
Normally less than 24 hours. As addressed in listings, we appreciate and respect Your time, comments and questions, we DO check email daily, just not Hourly.
Yes, Email us w/the list of items You're interested in and we'll get back to You quickly with an accurate figure for Your shipping total. We'll modify the listings so the total matches the quote prior Your purchase; And YES, WE DO NEED YOUR ZIP CODE With Your Inquiry! =:^)